Our Starting Point

“I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky. And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.” 

There are two reasons for this page:

  1. For those of you not familar with Lake City, Minnesota and the surrounding Lake Pepin, we wish to share with you what is likely to be for you some unexpected beauty and natural diversity of this gorgeous part of the Upper Midwestern U.S.A.
  2. To share some of the memories we’ve recorded from the “starting point” of our first significant voyage in the slide shows below. Take a peek. Some of you might even find your own picture in there somewhere. If you don’t, please don’t be offended. Frequently the camera wasn’t at hand OR I screwed up the picture OR I lost it ! (Yes, it happens, particularly as we get older…). Now, where was I? Oh yeah…

Lake Pepin is actually the widest spot along the entire length of the Mississippi. It is known as a three mile wide “pool” some twenty-one miles long between lock 3 in Redwing, MN and lock 4 in Kellogg, MN. Surrounded by glacial bluffs with Wisconsin on the eastern shore, Minnesota and Lake City on the western makes for some dramatic scenery and challenging winds for the adventurous sailor…


Lake City Marina, our current home port of over twenty years…lc-marina.jpg

Lake Pepin at rest from the Minnesota shore looking southeast…lake-pepin.jpg

The Pearl of the Lake, a local dual sternwheeler…pearl-of-lake-in-lc.jpg

Lake City Marina was very good to us. Our neighborhood had been the “end of the 800 dock” in this the largest marina on the entire length of the Mighty Mississippi River with nearly 700 boats. While we did cast off the dock lines somewhat reluctantly Summer 2008, it was time to see what other adventures lie ahead for vessel, captain and crew. It was time to do some “southing” and “easting” as they were fond of saying in the days of old sailing ships.

 Location:  44.4472 North, 92.2614 West (approximately 🙂 )

Lake City Memories…

Below are just a few memories we collected in Lake City when we actually had a camera with us, AND ACTUALLY USED IT !! Lots more when a camera was not in hand… oh well). To view, either:

  1. Just watch as is… OR
  2. To watch same size, but to pause and/or read photo captions, single click on a pic to see captions for all and then move your cursor off the pics to continue slide show… OR
  3. To observe all images full size, double click on any image.

Note: All pictures below are the property of Gene & Kay Jurrens and are not to be reproduced without their express permission. Besides, who would want to? Thanks.


  1. I have looked at your yacht on sailboats.com and have fallen in love!! I live in Avon Indiana and will be looking to buy a yacht in the next year. I am retired and my wife will be retiring soon. Your yacht looks like just the boat we are looking for! I hope it is available still. Your descriptions and depictions are remarkable and enjoyable!!! Your adventure is just what we are looking for!!

    Mike and Amy Kay

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