Favorite Links

We have so many favorite links !!! 

A Few Fellow Midwestern Cruisers’ Sites and/or Blogs (it’s fun to share your experiences when you’re “out there” and I’ve always loved watching others living our dream) NOW WE HAVE AWAKENED AND ARE LIVING OUR OWN DREAM !!!!!  IT IS STILL FUN TO SEE WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING OR HAVE DONE. CONGRATS TO BOB AND MARGARET ON BELISSIMO FOR CLOSING THE LOOP !!


Our Favorite Weather Sites:

Our Favorite River Voyage Planning Sites:


A few other cool & useful links we shamelessly stole from Art & Jean’s web site. They’re currently cruising in the Keys and/or Bahamas aboard the ketch Samana (see site above):


Seamanship:  Animated Knots, a cool web site that graphically illustrates how to tie important shipboard knots (thanks Cap’n Joe!). 

Cruising & Amateur Radio: Waterway Radio & Cruising Club, an association of amateur radio operators who also share an interest in recreational boating, Maritime Mobil Service Network managed by a dedicated group of radio amateurs who unselfishly volunteer their time, equipment and efforts to serve and assist those in need of communications from foreign countries and on the high seas (lots of great stuff, but particularly check out the Sailor’s Area).

Free Online Government Charts & Chart Viewer, making the case for always having an internet connection underway !! 😉

Ask the Experts on any number of boating topics (Thanks Tom & Mel Neale. Have enjoyed your seminars, books and articles in Cruising World. You and your life aboard “Chez Nous” have been a long time inspiration to us).

Boat projects: from Yandina

SolunarForecast.com: a calendar planning site for the saltwater fisherman and the theory behind solunar (solar/lunar or sun/moon) and tide effects on saltwater fish and how to use this info to pick the best times to go fishing (is there a bad time?)

Steering by the Stars:  Both Kay and I know our way around a sextant and how to reduce sights (as an alternative to GPS for determining location offshore), but Kay really knows her way around the night sky like nobody else I know!  Hey!! Try downloading the free Google Earth below and look UP – you can explore the night sky with a guided tour if you like – it’s terrific !  You’ll need an internet connection. Download Google Earth, install, start it, and then click on “view” and “switch to sky”. If you’re always looking up like Kay, you will LOVE this !!

  • Celestial Navigation (steering by the stars):
  • There is some cool FreeWare out there
  • Some great Tools of the Trade, for example:
    • Our main sextant is the Astra III from Celestaire (this link takes you to their online catalog)
    • We have a KVH datascope mounted on our sextant for recording precise bearings & times (required for accurate fixes) while taking sights. Also a great range finder and lighted electronic handheld compass for night bearings.
  • Historical navigation techniques & instrumentsCelestial Navigation Net


Awesome Satellite Imagery (photography) & Navigation Tools

  • Google Earth: If you haven’t used  Google Earth (free online) you’re missing a terrific tool for doing a “low level flyover” of areas you’re going to cruise before you do so !!!!  Also, great for checking out a bird’s eye view of your neighboorhood ! Instead of looking down (at the Earth from space, you can also look out toward space and take a guided tour of the night sky !
  • EarthNC
    • When you combine Google Earth with EarthNC (NC = Nautical charts – NOAA aids overlayed on Google Earth – very cool & free online !! ) this is tremendous technology for the cruising mariner.
    • An offline version called EarthNC-Plus available also for use on the boat without internet connection (over 600 charts for less than $50 as of February 2008 – I don’t yet have experience with the effectiveness of this underway basically with cached offline web pages).
    • EarthNC products are Google Earth Plug-ins (install ’em and they become part of Google Earth)


Amateur Radio:  I (Gene, call sign K0GKJ) love HAM radio, including


  1. HI…..Happy Wednesday…sunshine and gorgeous today after some much needed rain yesterday….just had e-mail from Jenn Panza and she is arriving tonight and hopes Bob can join for wknd…she’s coming from Kansas and he’s in Calif….going to enjoy dinner with Arnie and Janet tomorrow…they went to Orlando today to see one son…..keep safe and rest up for the next leg….hugs, Cath

  2. HI…..glad you were able to fix the hot box thingamajig—sorry about the finger burns….hope tomorrow goes smoother…..so excited that you are getting closer to BSM and happy that you have fellow boat companions……take care, Cath

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