Posted by: gjurrens1 | March 13, 2011

Sojourn is Sold but Not Yet Closed

Well, kids, we’ve met a delightful couple who passed our “audition” to determine if they would lovingly provide our little ship the care she deserves.

We’re pleased that we’re proceeding toward the closing, and if all goes well, should be concluded within the next ten days or so.

If you’re interested, please do watch this space to learn what direction Sojourn will be headed next, hopefully under the steady hand of her new Captain and Admiral..

For all of you who have shown an interest in her purchase (more than fifty of you!), thanks so much for your interest.

Fair winds to us all ! Gene


  1. You guys are so lucky to have her. Good Luck !

  2. Gene and Kay, Congrats, but we have mixed emotions- To the new owners treat her well, timing is everything it was just not our time yet and the search goes on. Still looking for another Marine Trader Motorsailer.

  3. .

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